If you do not speak, you cannot be heard.

  • Tell council to prevent the destruction of the Green tag Program, one of Boulder's signature lifestyle assets! Your emails (see right sidebar) can prevent the implementation of these laws!
  • Despite having its proposals denied in 2013 (thanks in large part to Boulder dog families' efforts), OSMP is again pushing its long term efforts to gut Voice and Sight (Green Tag).
  • Revocation of access and DUI-like re-education (at your expense) for Voice & Sight Tag violations rather than simple fines to attain the 'social' impact OSMP deems desirable.
  • $735,000 for new enforcement/administrative costs.
  • These additional measures are not for your protection, but to enforce your conformance with these new laws.
  • Your dog must come IMMEDIATELY when called, no sniffing, no distractions, no exceptions.
  • Your dog may not wander ahead or lag behind out of sight, ever.
  • Working dog discipline and behaviour required of all dogs.
  • Dog families will be the only OSMP user group to be denied use of OSMP for infractions of any kind.


osmp proposed new legislation highlights:

  • OSMP has used your tax dollars to prepare and fund unnecessary changes to the Voice and Sight program. These changes will have only 'social' impact (memo to council 6/18/13), designed solely to reduce dog related 'conflict' on open space. This perceived conflict is supported by carefully designed studies paid for by OSMP to counter previous studies conducted by CU.
  • Voice and Sight dog guardians will face increased fees, penalties and revocation of V&S open space access as well as DUI style re-education for an enhanced range of infractions.
  • No other open space user cohort is governed by regulation of this scope and magnitude.
  • Remember: once enshrined as statute, unwilligness or inability to comply can result in arrest, and/or physical, even deadly, force.

What you can do to help stop these new laws

  • Send Council an email! (click (and edit) one or more of the pre-prepared emails on the right)
  • Print and put up flyers or stickers to alert others! Use Avery 8160 or equivalent address labels to carry with you as handouts or stick on any surface where they can be noticed such as waste disposal bins, OSMP kiosks, signs etc. Posters can also be placed at dog-friendly locales such as pet shops or veterinary practices.
  • Print a bumper sticker and let others know about these new laws while you're driving! Use Avery 3383 or equivalent sticker project paper or magnet sheets. (magnet sheets are water intolerant).
  • You can prevent the implementation of these new laws by acting now!

Understand OSMP's data!

  • The various Vaske studies commissioned by OSMP deal with 'conflict' which is a term of art in the social sciences. OSMP would like you to believe that this is an actual count of physical conflict that occurred on the trail.
  • Conflict in this context means a difference of values between groups, dog guardians and non dog guardians, not actual observed behaviours (perceived conflict). Only 10% of the non dog guardians had actually experienced the 'conflict' they reported on OSMP's survey! Vaske & Donnely, CSU 2007 (Commissioned by OSMP)
  • OSMP presents different groups' values (likes and dislikes) as basis for legislation against dog families. For example, a majority of dogless respondents report that they dislike dogs approaching them, while only a small percentage of these repondents report actually having experienced an unwanted approach! This and similar reports of 'conflict' provides the basis for these new sanctions against dog families.
  • The 2010 Telephone Resident Survey reports more overall disapproval with bikers and horseback riders on Opens Space than towards off leash dogs, yet a 19% minority of respondents holds extreme aversion to Voice and Sight on Open Space. This is the constituency that the OSMP proposals speak to. Should legislation punishing dog families be enacted to please a vocal minority?