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4/20/2014 What will implementation cost?

  • OSMP declined to offer a cost estimate for implementing the enhanced Green Tag program, so let’s provide a ‘back or the napkin’ estimate.
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  • 3/26/2014 Change Boulder Revised Code!

  • The current Green Tag controversy has its origin in an omission in BRC 2-3-9 (d) (3) which requires that OSMP lands be preserved for hiking, photography or nature studies, bicycling, horseback riding and fishing, but omits off-leash dog walking.
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  • 3/16/2014 Restructure OSMP!

  • Restructure OSMP:
  • First it must be noted that OSMP has successfully expanded its staff, reach and functions by managing council from below.
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  • 3/6/2014 OSMP thinks we don't remember!

  • OSMP appears to suffer from an aggravated case of Park envy. The rationales presented for the revised Green Tag proposal suggests they want to play with the big boys at the National Park Service in engineering a pristine 'natural' environment on open space, forgetting that their mandate is more Central Park than Rocky Mountain National Park.
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